Role reversal sex stories

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The following is a sexy short story that I wrote after hearing how some couples engaged in sexy role playing. Role playing is one of the easiest and most flexible. This story should get that point across. She still humored him, though. She made it sound like a business arrangement, which was part of the gimmick.

Glory knew the ritual well. She had gone through it herself many times before. In another life — one that had only ended a few years ago, no less — she had been a high-end escort. She used to be the one to arrive at fancy hotels, wearing elegant dresses and revealing thong underwear, to greet horny clients.

She once considered herself as one of the best in the business, having served a diverse range of clients, many of which had deep pockets. It started as a side-gig that helped pay off her student loan debt, but it turned into something so much more. Glory had always been a sexual person, by nature. However, it was only when she turned it into a marketable skill that she uncovered the breadth of her sexuality. Part of what made that time in her life so meaningful was standing right before her.

I mean, look at you! Why would someone like you need to hire a guy like me? He briefly broke character. Those were the words of her husband and not the role he was playing. They still had a role to play. Brett tried to make up for it by snaking his arms around her waist, slipping a hand into the back pocket of her jeans.

It maintained the mood, but highlighted and important detail of their elaborate act. However, it was one that Glory had already contemplated long before she pitched the idea. Men and women have been telling me that since I started filling out bras in middle school. I slept with a lot of men. Role reversal sex stories had a lot of great sex. She finally embraced her role a bit. She moved in closer to the handsome man before her, snaking an arm around his neck while trailing her hand over his chest.

Even through that fancy shirt he wore, she could feel the toned muscles of his upper body. She already knew those features well, but Glory had felt manly muscles during her time as an escort. What set Brett apart played a big role in them falling in love. Being beautiful has many perks, but when so many men want to sleep with you, they tend to treat it as some sort of fleeting moment…one they have to maximize to the greatest extent. Her tone took on a more sensual undertone. It blurred the line between Gloria and Glory, which happened a lot with her sex life. She had always been a very sexual person, by nature.

Sometimes, her persona as an escort did not complement her persona role reversal sex stories a horny woman. She did not intend for that to be the case for tonight. For once, I want to try things from the other side. I want to be the one desperate for sex, seeking the company of a professional whore to satisfy my most basic needs. Glory was already getting excited. She actually felt nervous.

She was so used to being the one with all the leverage. It was jarring, but also thrilling in a strange sort of way. There was nothing theatrical about it. There was just the overt gesture of a very horny woman who just wanted sex.

She was ready to experience things from the other side. Brett, having gone to great lengths to prepare for his role, continued to do his part. He settled into a more serious demeanor, taking on the kind of business-like poise that she often did when she served a client. It was unusual, but it still turned her on. I intend to make this little transaction every bit as successful.

Along the way, she placed an envelope full of money — it was actually monopoly money, but it was close enough — and made sure he saw the full amount. As any competent escort knew, the amount of money in the envelope determined the type of services rendered. I just want a good, professional fuck by someone who knows his way around the female body. What I want…what I need, tonight…is someone who can do both. Role reversal sex stories sounded like she was the one breaking character now.

Some of her own issues — many of which pre-dated her time as an escort and her relationship with Brett — echoed through her voice. They sounded like the musings of a woman who could get as much sex as she wanted because of her beauty, but struggled to find true satisfaction.

Brett must have sensed that sentiment in her because he took on a more serious demeanor.

Studman faded. Suddenly, he became more professional. However, he did not have the look of a d therapist or her loving husband.

He had the look of a skilled gigolo. Upon saying those words, he broke their intimate embrace and got up from the bed. Glory remained sitting, watching with curiosity and anticipation as her husband-turned-gigolo stood before her.

Then, like the star attraction at a male strip club, he seductively slipped out of his leather jacket and took off the tight-fitting shirt that barely contained his masculine features. Even in the bland lighting of the hotel room, the sight of his chiseled upper body triggered all sorts of arousing feelings within her. You have my word. At that moment, the line between her husband and the role he played blurred. That ended up working out for them, though, and not just because they went onto get married. Show me how a professional fucks!

Unlike her many other sexual encounters, she had no doubts about how it would play out. She was going to get fucked and she was going to get fucked by real role reversal sex stories. He quickly demonstrated his keen understanding of arousing a woman, leaning in and kissing her hungrily on the lips, allowing her to explore the sinews of his upper body. He must have slathered himself with two bottles of baby oil because his skin was so smooth. It gave him the feel and scent of something polished and refined, which boded well for the fucking they were about to do.

As she pawed his upper body, Brett loosened her clothes.

Glory was used to wearing something fancy and sexy during her hotel encounters. Her inner thighs got 10 degrees hotter on the spot. Once in her bra and panties, he crawled onto the bed with her, taking her by the waist and guiding her to the center. From there, he lavished her with intimate kissing, touching, and fondling, the likes of which showed both a fondness and an understanding of the female body.

It sent her into a state of pure sexual arousal. Brett, being the professional stud, did that all by himself. Not losing focus for an instant, he finished stripping her naked. While kissing her neck, he reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. He still admired them, as any straight man would. Glory snickered and purred some more as Brett buried his face in her ample cleavage. His reasons for knowing, however, were less crude and indirectly related to how they came together.

As he shoved his face between her breasts, he skillfully slipped his hands down to her waist, gasped the sides of her panties, and slid them down her legs. They had since become wet with arousal. Already, their elaborate role reversal was paying off.

She already knew what that entailed. He gave her breasts one final squeeze and her lips one final kiss before rising into an upright position. Hovering over her, he looked like a titan of masculinity hovering over her. Glory was so used to being the center of the sexual universe during intimate moments, especially those occurring in hotel rooms. It was pretty jarring to be on the other side…jarring, but exciting. Still carrying himself with the poise of a professional gigolo, he grabbed her by the thighs and pushed her role reversal sex stories apart, exposing her dripping-wet pussy to him.

She then watched as he licked his lips, eying her inner thighs as though they were his favorite treat.

Then, without hesitation or intimidation, he buried himself in her womanhood and began giving her oral sex. Brett responded with a simple grunt. That was all he needed to say. He was a professional. He knew how to eat a woman out. Like a skilled surgeon, he performed his task to perfection. It was like getting a perfect massage from the inside out. Glory closed her eyes, grasped her breasts as she often did in blissful states, and arched her back as Brett stimulated her most intimate areas to the utmost. Once again, his knowledge and respect for female anatomy was uncanny.

He knew the difference between a clit and a G-spot.

He knew where all the right nerves were, including the ones that were hard to reach. He got all of them. He remained intently focused as he pumped his fingers into her folds, applying extra pressure to her clit. That got her over the edge with ease. There was no need to fake it or pretend it was more intense than it was. She was having an orgasm…a real, intense orgasm. With theatrics befitting of a former escort, Glory curled her toes and threw her head back as the ripples of pleasure shot up through her body.

Brett kept his hands on her thighs, maintaining his grip on her as she soaked in the ecstasy. She made it a point to be extra vocal, letting out the kind of orgasmic moan that echoed throughout the hotel suite and informed her husband that he was playing his role perfectly.

Is that normal? He smiled back, looking bolder and more determined than ever. Knowing Brett, an overachiever and a show-off, she was already excited by the prospects. While she caught her breath from her first orgasm, he rose up briefly and took off his pants. In doing so, he revealed a fully-erect penis that must have felt very uncomfortable in those tight pants of his.

Now, lie back while I demonstrate the extent of my professionalism! Just like that — that manly gaze, that confident demeanor, and that beautiful manly body that was now fully exposed — Glory was horny again.

She wanted sex. Moreover, she wanted the sex that only Brett, aka Mr. Studman, could give her.

Role reversal sex stories

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Role Reversal Stories