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COM: People are kinky By kinksters for kinksters! What is BDSM? These subcultures or sexual practices include consensual erotic exchanges between people based on domination and submission, restraint, and other forms of sexual interaction, such as role-playing, edging, humiliation and financial domination.

Kink social site

Role-playing that includes submission, discipline, punishment, and obedience training is also a part of bondage and discipline. Consensual dominance, restraint, humiliation, impact play, needle play and electrical play, are all examples of Sadomasochism.

Typically this is a relationship with inequality between its roles and is often exploder through role-play, obedience training, and feminization. Activities include spanking, flogging, electrical play, shibari, edging, financial domination and role-play. BDSM Positioning Those who participant in BDSM culture often identify as different roles, depending on their preference and relationship needs, Doms, tops and uppers all take a dominant role in a relationship, while subs, bottoms or lowers take a submissive or subordinate role in a relationship.

A switch is different in that they can switch between both dominant and submissive roles, opting to either dominate a partner or submit to them.

Kink social site

A fetish is a sexual desire or arousal in response to something that isn't typically erotic. Objects or items of clothing in silk stockings, high heel shoes, lace panties or latex, have a fetish following, and so do human body parts like feet, legs and hands to name a few.

Kink social site

There is a spectrum of kink, which overlaps with the BDSM and fetish subcultures. Kinky behaviors include creating erotic fan-art, rope-play, cybersex and temperature play. The world of BDSM is an exciting new adventure for both singles and couples. The practices involved in BDSM help build complete trust in partners, and they can help your realize your deepest fantasies. So, up with a partner and add some spice to your routine, or try something new with someone new. Don't be shy! Unlike other social media platforms, we are sex-positive and embrace all things kinky!

to meet other kinksters, find a kinky pen pal, look for a FemDom, search for local Munches and fetish parties, and stay up-to-date with BDSM news.

Kink social site

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