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This will be the thread for Kik groups - if you are looking for one, or looking to recruit new people into your group, please use this thread. Feel free to post, repost, delete and repost as much as you like - within this thread. I'm going to start removing Kik posts from the main. It was okay once in a while, but now it's gotten excessive. Any and all Kik groups are something that's completely separate from this sub.

at your own discretion. I do not manage any Kik groups, nor am I a part of any. Do not message me about ing a group. Been in this group for over 6 months. Incredible group of people! Married with a kid, stay at home dad looking to relieve the boredom through Kik as opposed to actually cheating on my spouse again.

By kik address do you mean username? I am a 35 year old, married for 11 years, female, involved with a married man for a year now. Definitely looking for kik groups reddit to chat with that can relate on being in love with someone who is not your spouse. I'm interested Like today, brand new How does one proceed? I have been married for 20 years found that my wife had stepped out on me several times.

I'm through I do not want my daughters growing up without me there and this being Oklahoma I don't have a leg to stand on in a custody case. What to find someone but don't want to play in the singles field. It's to messy. My KIK I'd geovantie Thank you. Hi, New today and first post. I'd like to provide my kik privately, if someone can message me? Female, married. I have been told I look like I'm in my early 30's but I am older than that. Seeing if I've got what it takes to take the plunge.

I am probably just one more 35M for the waiting list but that's OK: patience is one of my few remaining virtues. To keep my story short, I'm your typical rotten cheating bastard. I once thought my dead bedroom was just the result of elapsed time and lapsed attraction, but it turns out my wife is autistic.

So now I feel guilty about this sort of thing. Guilt does nothing for practical and physical considerations. I've had just one AP and, perhaps foolishly, fell in love with her before we even met in person. I don't regret kik groups reddit, but there's more to that story.

Kik groups reddit

You could learn more about me from my AM profile john. One major SA, few minor. Keen to share thoughts and experiences. I am a slack user for work. It's a great platform. Love Slack.

Kik groups reddit

Use it personally and at work. Maybe we need a Slack group which would be self-selecting for the type of people who use Slack? Adulterers that love funny cat memes, dislike Trump and know the difference between snow peas and edamame, please my kik group. I'm a 33 year old married female seeking females and males to add to a solid group of other married people! We currently have 21 kick ass men and woman and we are looking for you! Who are you?

You are kik groups reddit married woman or man somewhere in their 30s to 50s. You are looking for positive interactions on Kik with other married people. Perhaps seeking a little flirting as well? Who are we? We are a group of professionals looking for a distraction from life, wanting to establish positive friendships sprinkled with a little flirting. I believe we could all say we are Kik bffs Message me if you are interested in helping us grow!

We want to be your next Kik bff! Please include your age, gender, location, and Kik ID. Look forward to chatting with you! Are you married? Home life not fulfilling your sexual needs forcing you to step out or want to step out? Over 30? A professional? Have we got a place for you. We consider our group to be the neighborhood bar or pub where you can relax, tell your issues of the day while not being lectured or judged and get away from the stresses of real life.

We like to keep it light, have fun, be flirty yet classy and above all, make everyone feel wanted and respected. We like to be sexy but this is not a hookup group nor do we put up with disrespect or rudeness. Hope to hear from you soon. We have a group for sexy, fun interesting married or LTR people that are looking to take the boredom out of the day to day life.

Be interesting, sexy, open and sarcastic and you will fit in well. Preference is going to women right now, guys you are welcome to get in touch but we will admit as and when the balance is right. We run a short verification process to ensure you will fit in to the group dynamic and kik groups reddit ensure you are who you say you are Drop me a message with your Kik Id if you're interested.

New KIK group looking for amazing married people. We talk, banter, flirt, take too many selfies and are very supportive and close. The women are beautiful, close and supportive and we do not accept cattiness or rudeness from either sex. We talk about everything from our love of Oreos, the stresses of daily lives and work, our love of the gym and tattoos, beautiful women and use too many GIFSs and emojis, spend too much time online talking and taking pictures of ourselves.

Send me mail if you're interested, pictures are welcome and get preference! Tell me what you're looking for and we will go from there!

Kik groups reddit

Love this group, we support each other and have the best time laughing and sharing! I am a married man, late forties. I know there are many groups, but finding a more local one seems to be difficult. I'd appreciate any pointers where to start! Kik Group Megathread. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Please do add me tator89 Married with a kid, stay at home dad looking to relieve the boredom through Kik as opposed to actually cheating on my spouse again. RalphAMad is my Kik address.

Kik groups reddit

Let me know. Married 35M, interested in ing. Could you add me please? Hey if there's room I'd like to : kik: lukey Wondering if you got my PM, sent it about a week ago. Damn, I'm 26! Discord is the the best solution here. PM for secret handshake. I fkn love edamame as well :. Uh, since it's a megathread -- what are Kik groups for? Kik user name is Mr Smythe.

You must Be married Not be a cuntasaurus Be active Be flirty and open but not crude. Be respectful. Did you find a Melbourne based one? More posts from the adultery community. Thinking about infidelity? Created Jun 6, Top posts april 25th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

Kik groups reddit

email: [email protected] - phone:(255) 811-1064 x 1539

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