Guy fart fetish

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Top definition. Eproctophilia fart fetish is a sexual fetish, most commonly in straight men in which they receive arousal from their partner's flatulence. It is sometimes seen as a lighter form of coprophiliaaka scat. Unlike scat however, there are no health risks involved.

Not all eproctophiles enjoy the notorious cake farts. In fact, several of them are just as grossed out as normal people and only a slim minority of them like it. It was revealed in writer James Joyce's love letters to his wife that he had a fart fetish. Jul 15 Word of the Day. Planetary Quarantine. The safeguarding of Earth and other worlds from biological cross-contamination i. Forward contamination is the transfer of viable organisms from Earth to another celestial body. Back contamination is the transfer of extraterrestrial organisms, if such exist, back to the Earth's biosphere. Billionaires are having a dick swinging space race while the earth experiences record breaking heatwaves that cause sea creatures to literally cook inside their shells.

We need planetary quarantine. Fart Fetish. When a person is sexaully aroused by the sound and smell of a fart especially in the opposite gender. Can you fart on me?? A male or woman who usually is turned on by the sound, smell, or discharge that comes from a fart. While in the bed room, uauually the ass get special attention, in hopes of a fart. Uaually a kid named Joel or Mark. Girl or Guy: No! Why Joel: well.

A rather bizarre and offputting fetish where women fart on cakes and other foods to obtain sexual gratification by expelling smelly gases upon them. Joe: Mandydo you have a fart fetish? Mandy: Yes, I do. I like farting on birthday cakes. Joe: Does it catch fire? Mandy: No, it's a rather anal method instead of oral. Joe: Oh, lovely! A rather bizarre activity in which a very small cabal of goofy disgusting losers with nothing else better to do but watch a woman passing gas over a cake and fap to it enthusiastically.

So sick and perverted, that even advice columnist Dan Savage is adamently against it. Lisa:I am into Fart Fetish so much I have just farted on a cake. Matt: Oh, wellit seems like you have a rather strong case of Fart Fetish. Lisa:I am into Fart Fetishism so much I have just farted on a cake. Matt: Oh, wellit seems like you have a rather strong case guy fart fetish Fart Fetishism.

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Guy fart fetish

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Sexually Aroused by Farts? You're Not Alone