Donnas mom that 70s show

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Kitty Forman : Red's mother is coming. Midge Pinciotti : What's that pet name she has for you? Kitty Forman : Whore. Donna Pinciotti : Mom, when you and dad got into an argument, did you ever You know Midge Pinciotti : What? Donna Pinciotti : Well, have you ever Stopped having sex with dad in order to win an argument? Midge Pinciotti : You can do that?

Donna Pinciotti : Yeah, but Midge Pinciotti : You mean that if I stop having sex with your father, he'll paint the bathroom? Donna Pinciotti : Yeah, but aren't you worried about how it can hurt the relationship? Midge Pinciotti : Blah, blah, blah. I don't care. I'm getting my bathroom painted.

Midge Pinciotti : The unexamined self is the unfulfilled self. Bob Pinciotti : What do you mean? You don't feel fulfilled?

Donnas mom that 70s show

Why don't you feel fulfilled? I pay the bills. I put a roof over your head. I take care of you. Midge Pinciotti : I know, Bob. But, what do I do? Bob Pinciotti : Well, you fill out that sweater real nice. Midge Pinciotti : Women have to be weak and fragile, so that that men can feel superior. Donna Pinciotti : That's insane. If women don't learn to stand up for themselves, men will always control the world. Midge Pinciotti : Oh honey, men don't control the world. Midge Pinciotti : Not only that, but Bob says my ideas are stupid.

Donnas mom that 70s show

Kitty Forman : Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black. Midge Pinciotti : I know Jackie Burkhardt : Mrs. Pinciotti, would you please tell Donna I'm right? Isn't it great when men act like they own you. Midge Pinciotti : Oh, yeah. Donna Pinciotti : Mom, what about all those feminist classes you went to?

Midge Pinciotti : Oh, right Midge Pinciotti : Look, Bob, even the English language is sexist. Why is it mailman and not mailwoman? Bob Pinciotti : Yeah. And, why is it mail? It should be female. Midge Pinciotti : Now you're thinking. Bob Pinciotti : No, I'm not. I'm just pointing out how stupid it is. Midge Pinciotti : You know what, Bob? You're one of them.

Donnas mom that 70s show

Bob Pinciotti : My wife is a maniac Sorry, a womaniac. Donna Pinciotti : Anybody need any cards. Jackie Burkhardt : [gives her two cards] I need two fives.

Donnas mom that 70s show

Midge Pinciotti : I need one card. Midge Pinciotti : A five? Oh, here, Jackie. You take it. Jackie Burkhardt : Donna, you gave her a five? I thought we were friends. Midge Pinciotti Donna Pinciotti : Mom, why do I have to do this. Midge Pinciotti : Donna, I have to do a lot of things I don't like to make your father happy. I love THAT.

Donna Pinciotti : And exactly whose panties are these? Midge Pinciotti : Um, actually, they're mine. Michael Kelso : Eric. Midge Pinciotti : [with a big smile] I love fondue! It's gourmet! In. That '70s Show — Showing all 20 items. Jump to: Photos 8 Quotes Create a list ». See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Donnas mom that 70s show Donnas mom that 70s show

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