Chubby girl fetish

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Izabella Zaydenberg. As a plus-size woman, one of the scariest things about entering a new relationship outside the obvious is the lingering question of if your partner is only with you because you fulfill a fetish for him. While there are no statistics on how many men have a plus-size fetish, pure anecdotal evidence suggests that there are plenty of 'em.

Chubby girl fetish

The scariest part, though, is not knowing if the person you're dating is one of them. We asked sex and relationship expert Megan Stubbs on her thoughts on plus-size fetishization, and what to look out for if you suspect your partner is solely in it for your weight. Remember there's a difference between a fat fetish and appreciating someone because they're plus-size.

Chubby girl fetish

The guy I was talking to a while back has a fetish for plus size girls It's one thing to be told you're beautiful because you are, duhbut it's another thing entirely to be objectified. Again, a compliment here and there is one thing, but it's not OK to be given endless compliments that seem to ONLY revolve your size.

Don't forget: Every part of you is beautiful, and yes, your size chubby girl fetish be celebrated. However, when that seems to be the only thing that your partner focuses on, that's a red flag. If you notice the only time your partner is really "present" is when you're in bed together, take note.

No matter what size you are, you shouldn't be treated as just a sexual object unless you want to be. Society needs to get it together tbh and acknowledge that people of all sizes are capable of dating and being in romantic relationships.

Chubby girl fetish

Red flags he's fetishizing you for your weight Take note of his compliments. Izabella Zaydenberg belkastrelka. First, let's define what a fetish even is. SimoneMariposa December 12, Keep an eye out for weird compliments.

Chubby girl fetish

Ask yourself if your partner is over-emphasizing their attraction to your biggest areas. Make sure your partner's present for even the mundane things — not just the sexual. Keep an eye on the labels they throw at you. Regardless of your shape or size, you're worthy of love and being treated with respect.

Additionally, if something feels off or wrong, go with your gut! Get the latest from Revelist. This artist turns Disney princesses into body-positive queens. The first EVER body-positive superhero is coming to a movie theater near you.

Chubby girl fetish Chubby girl fetish

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