Black snapchat users

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This week, Snapchat has confirmed that it's testing a new dark mode option with a small percentage of users, moving into line with almost every other app that now has a low light option.

As you can see in these screenshots, shared by Appleosophyfor those that have the dark mode option available, there's a new 'App appearance' section within your app settings. There, you can select whether you want your app to align with your device settings switching to dark mode at a certain time of dayor revert to dark mode all the time for Snapchat.

It's not widely available, so you likely won't see it yet. But the fact that it's now moved into the live test phase would suggest that it is coming soon, with a broader roll out seemingly on the cards in the near future.

Snapchat has confirmed to SMT that the initial, limited test is now live. As noted, Snapchat is one of the last major social apps to add dark mode, with most apps making the option available following updates to iOS 13 and Android 10 respectively to better facilitate dark mode switching. Facebook has now added dark mode options to all of its appswhile TwitterPinterestTikTok and Reddit also provide dark black snapchat users toggles.

LinkedIn's dark mode option is also in development. Dark mode options have a passionate fandom, with some users very keen on the alternative color palates. It's sort of like finding a shiny Pokemon, with a totally different version of the original that adds something new, a different perspective on your favorite apps. Dark mode options do also serve a functional purpose, in that they limit the use of blue light.

Blue light is deed to improve device readability in daylight, but in low-light situations, blue light can actually cause your brain to stop producing melatonin. That can lead to disrupted sleep cycles, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. As such, this is a good addition for Snapchat. We'll share any news on a broader rollout of the update as it becomes available.

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Black snapchat users

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Snapchat Launches Test of Dark Mode with Small Percentage of Users