What does a pussy pump do for a woman

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Long gone are the days when sex was considered pleasurable only for men. The best indicator of how women are changing their attitude towards love-making might be the sex toy industry. There are more and more products that aim to help the ladies make the most out of intercourse or masturbation. The sex toy market is growing bigger and stronger. Even if you are not interested in sex aids, there is one particular gadget that every lady should get.

Essentially, it is a device that creates suction to engorge your vagina. The vacuum will draw blood into the vaginal area, or sometimes specifically clitoral or labial parts, thus making your vagina more sensitive and swollen-looking. The principle is very similar to the penis pump, and so are the.

Mind you — it has nothing to do with any kind of dysfunctions, although it may help with those too. Vaginal pumps are deed to increase excitement, sensitivity, and sexual pleasure. However, many women still appear to be timid regarding the pussy pumps. A lot of women are afraid that these toys may be potentially unsafe, so we decided to do a thorough analysis of the device. Hopefully, we will bust some myths surrounding this awesome sex tool.

What does a pussy pump do for a woman

As we said, the gadget uses suction to draw blood into your vagina to make it more sensitive. The mechanism is very simple and creates a vacuum via an automatic or mechanical pump. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic little aid that can make your couple or solo sessions awesome. So, pussy pumps are cup-shaped devices that use the same mechanism as the bulb-enemas. Although there are more advanced pumps that rely on trigger handles, as a beginner, you will probably start with the former type.

All in all, the offer is enormous, so whatever your preferences are, there will be something that you can use.

What does a pussy pump do for a woman

The toys come in different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit the need of any person. Pussy pumps consist of a see-through cup — which we refer to as the chamber — and a pump that can be either manual or automatic. The pumping mechanism comes with a quick-release valve that can stop the suction immediately in case of any discomfort or unease. Most of the devices have two quick releases.

This means that your partner can help with stopping the suction if you use the toy during foreplay or sex. At this point, you may feel confused regarding the size of the pump. Well, it has nothing to do with the size of your body, rather with the area you would like to stimulate. Since you may still be unsure, we will examine the different variants of the toy.

This might help you decide. This is the original toy that covers the whole thing, so to say. It is the traditional version for the whole vaginal area and stimulates all parts of your pussy simultaneously. The size of the cup is big enough to extend over the entire crotch. There is a tube connecting the cup to a bulb or what does a pussy pump do for a woman lever, and the device allows you to control the suction manually.

Though the principle is the same, clit pumps are smaller in size. Thus, you can perform the suction only on a specific area. If you enjoy clit stimulation, then clit pumping may be the thing for you. This is a very special device that can make you go crazy.

But more than a sucking sensation, some users say that it gives a penetration feeling. With these advanced pumps, you will discover that the inside of the chamber has a texture to maximize the stimulation. Once you enter the world of pussy pumps, you will find out that there are numerous options to choose from. As the pumps grew popular, the manufacturers started to explore various ways to make them more exciting and fun. Now you can find the chambers cups with fantastic enhancements. Also, some of the toys have a slot for an external vibrator. However, it is important to start slow and figure out how everything works before you move on to these extreme variants.

As we said, you can control the suction manually by using a bulb or a lever. Your vaginal pump will not come with both options, so you will have to decide which one you like more. Both are fine, and the choice depends solely on your preferences. Most users tend to prefer the bulb because it seems easier to use. However, it can resemble the blood-pressure meter. The best thing would be to visit your local sex shop and see what appeals to you more. These are neat tech additions that help you stay safe and not over-pump.

Yes, there is a potential danger of over-pumping. Though you will probably feel when you should stop, pressure gauges can be helpful.

What does a pussy pump do for a woman

They can be both digital and analog. If you are a beginner, you may consider getting a pump with gauge to avoid any risks. It may sound weird, but the color is important when you choose a pump. To get right to the point, you should opt for a clear, transparent chamber. Although you may be tempted to buy the red or the pink one, remember to stick with colorless in the beginning. When you start using this toy, you will need to monitor the color and shape of your vagina. In the case of over pumping, the area may demonstrate changes, which are the best indicators that you need to stop the suction.

Some users do not feel any particular unease but still hurt themselves. Clear cups will allow you to monitor what is happening and stop on time.

What does a pussy pump do for a woman

Well, there are so many reasons. From sexual arousal to appearance, vaginal suction is sometimes even used for medical purposes. Going through the personal experiences of the users, one can easily claim that clit and pussy pumps exceeded the penis pumps in terms of efficiency and end. It may have something to do with the more realistic expectations women have from the device. Although different users seek different things, vaginal suction offers a range of possibilities. Whatever your motives may be, you will benefit from pussy pumps for sure.

We will explore all upsides of pussy pumping, so you can understand what it can do for you. This is the most obvious and beneficial result of vaginal pumping. The vacuum helps increase the blood flow in the area. This makes your vagina more sensitive to stimulation. During and after the pumping you will feel much hornier, to put it bluntly. Pussy pumps can do wonders for women who are not easily aroused.

The sensitivity of the vagina increases immensely, so it can help with low libido and sexual dysfunction. Stimulating the blood flow is healthy in itself, provided you do not overdo the pumping. Of course, this is a matter of perspective, but most men prefer the swollen-looking vagina. One of the effects of pumping is the swelling of the entire area, so you may achieve that famous porn-star appearance. Even if you are not into it, the swelling of the pussy makes it much more sensitive and can turn you on because it feels great.

If you are using the pump with your partner, both of you can experience arousal, and the intercourse can be more exciting. At this point, we are delving into some light BDSM. Namely, using a pump can cause light pain because your vagina will be very sensitive. We are not talking about anything uncomfortable. Mind you — if you are not into it, you can control the suction and stop with the first of discomfort. One of the effects of pumping is that it makes you very reactive to touch.

Some define it as a pleasurable pain, but you are, in fact, just being super horny. Among the most obvious medical benefits is the treatment of sexual dysfunction. As we said, pumping is good for women who have issues with arousal. It is also recommended if you are unable to have an orgasm. Increasing blood flow can help with other conditions as well, so the pumps are sometimes used after certain injuries to help the body heal.

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, consult with your doctor to see if you should start using vaginal suction.

What does a pussy pump do for a woman

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